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Multiverse ( 2nd Part)

On a comment made by HeyesPhoto on my previous “Multivese” post he asked what kind of oil I used to get those patterns. I didn’t think a lot about that question then because I didn’t really thought that the actual oil used would make a difference . But then it made me curious…I kept thinking about it…Would a different oil give a different result…? If one has a higher density than the other will I be able to see the difference in the images? So I set on checking out their densities and found out that olive oil has a smaller density than the sunflower one (olive oil – aprox 800 kg/m3 and sunflower aprox 920 kg/m3). Finding these results made me give it one more try at this series of photos as I was now convinced that I might just get visibly different results.

After finishing the shoot and taking a long and inquisitive look and the resulting photographs…I am not that convinced anymore that the oil used visibly changed the photos. I used different colors this time and slightly higher shutter speed…also it is impossible to get the same pattern…but these are the only changes I see. Do you see any change in the images that can be attributed to the oil used ?


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