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I have recently watched a documentary were Roger Scruton (writer and philosopher) raises the issue of the importance of beauty an the lack of it in modern arts. That made my mind wonder a bit around the obvious questions… How far can we push ART?(in my case photography)… Can any image be called art…?…there is really no more beauty in modern art (or at least in most of it…)? It might just be that our perception of beauty changed a bit mostly due to the lives we are more or less forced to surrender to by the society of today! With those thoughts disturbing my winter frozen neurons I wanted to force a bit the limit and create some sort of “modern art”. Starting from this idea and with inspiration from the quote “eyes are the window to the soul” (or “…the mirror of the soul”, there are more variations to this quote) my intellect and imagination quietly baked for a couple of days, I have taken countless photos and managed to come up with the image bellow.This is no special image, no special techniques were used other than some Photoshop tweaking; nothing really amazing.Is just something that makes me think about the existence and the mystery of my own soul.

So my question is: ***IS THIS IMAGE ART…?*** and ***WHY?***

I would be quite honored if you would give it a few minute and write down a comment with your opinion and help me find an answer…!!!


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