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Snapshots – Reflections on Eternal Life


Would you want to live to be 200 years of age? Would you want to live forever? I have been asked these questions many times, while having a funny mixed up conversation with friends or by my high school sweetheart while walking her home ages ago. I never really knew what to answer. Never actually decided or better never really reflected on it.

To get a starting point on this , I just did a quick research on how long scientists are expecting me to live and discovered some historic facts. Life expectancy for Romans during the Roman Empire was just aprox. 22 to 25 years . In 1900 the world life expectancy was aprox. 30 years and in 1985 it was about 62 years. Now at the rate that this changed during the years, one would expect that today it will go well beyond 70 years. Guess what…life expectancy in today’s world is not that long…it is just about 64.3 years. Anyway, it is widely believed that by the time this generation will get to be 64 years of age, world life expectancy will be increased by 18 years…so they will get to live to be at least 80.

So there you go…even if I try as hard as I can…I am not really expecting to live to be 80 after all. But my questions still stand. What if I would have a chance to live to be 200? It just might depend in what shape I will keep my body. I wouldn’t want to live a moment longer than my body can carry with ease. So yes…if I can keep a decent shape and I am self sufficient, I wouldn’t have a problem to live to be 200.

So far so good….easy. But now is the tricky one, the one that needs a lot of thought and reflection….would I want to live forever?

Let’s just assume I would, then at what age my body would stop growing older ? If you would live forever, obviously your body can not grow old forever, it needs to stop at a particular age. What would that age be? 30? 40? 70? I would not consider it even for a second if my aging process will stop right about 70-80 years of age just because I would live forever walking around assisted by and old and trusted cane, I would sit around and play chess all day and watch teenagers walking ,making me dream of my once young wife and cursing my grandchildren for making fun of me. That wouldn’t be a decent life at all…

But then if our aging process will stop just at about 30-40 year of age…would we have children? would it be morally correct for the women to bare children? We would live forever so there will be no need to perpetuate the species…it will be already done. And then it might just not be wise anymore to have kids, because the earth won’t be able to sustain a population that will grow at an accelerated pace with individuals that never die. (people would die from issues unrelated to health or aging but that number would be insignificant). We would be able to love, have emotions that are endless, be able to continuously learn and develop our mental capacity?

I am very convinced that if we will ever get to be immortals, drink a potion and live forever in which case probably will come a time when we would be forced to stop having newborns , our evolution would eventually come to an end. Every human emotion would have an end. We would stop dreaming because eventually we would not have anything to dreams of. With dreams other feelings would be obsolete, like love, desire, happiness. Science would stop evolving too as our high mental capacity will hit a road block and the limits of the human brain will make an appearance. And before we know it , we would live a senseless, dull, very mediocre and tasteless life. We would see the same faces, eat the same food, drink the same drinks forever.

I would never want to live a life like that. Just the simple fact that we are aware of our time being limited makes us humans. It makes us want more from this short life. We have dreams we strive to make happen, we live harder, we love with passion, we make children and wish we will see the one day married and have their own kids. We love discovering new things, travel to new places, enjoy good company, we set goals we hope to achieve. And we do all of those for we know our time is limited, we know that our day to turn into dust will come. Now I am asking you: would you want to live forever? Would you give all that away to be stuck in an endless, senseless and tasteless life?

(the photos I posted here are just some snapshots I took during a one day trip. Unfortunately was not a photo trip, so I just snapped around whatever and whenever I could )


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