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Just Smoke – Or is it More?

Probably the most important question of the human kind, the one thing that we all strive to discover, to understand is the purpose of us living. Do we have a purpose other than creating fossil fuel for the next generations? Is there any other greater , higher , more “divine” meaning ?

I find it very hard to believe that we live this earthly life just so we go to haven, stay there for eternity, maybe have a conversation of a thousand years on a white fluffy cloud with an angel called Gheorghe, who’s only reason for being in haven is that he was born in a forgotten village , far away from civilization, and he never had the chance to indulge with an amazing bottle of wine, or enjoy the sight of a gorgeous woman, smoke a fine cigar and play poker with his friends, or discover that first teenager kiss that sends chills down your body and makes you realize what comes with being a man ,so therefore he had a pure soul. Or maybe go to hell, meet Copernicus boiling there in a huge incandescent iron pot just because he had this crazy revelation that beyond that beautiful evening sky, there might just be more than some tiny lights that entertained him with their flickering . (mmm…not bad, at least I would have some decent conversation with this Copernicus…).

Heaven and Hell sound very poetic and spiritual, but to me it doesn’t sound much more than those amazing fairy tales that grandma used to make me fall asleep when I was a little boy and made me wish that one day I could become the bravest knight the world has ever seen, and I would defeat the evil once and for all, I will marry the princess and live happily ever after in my castle (with couple of PlayStations around and my most beloved remote control car of course ). Now here I don’t want to mock the believers , it is just my opinion and that’s all so don’t jump at my neck.

There might just not be other purpose for us living than for our bodies to become maggot’s food, fertilize some tiny piece of land and contribute to the creation of some fine Brent or West Texas Intermediate crude for the future generations.

Maybe the desire of finding , learning and understanding our purpose , the purpose of us living, comes solely from the humans desire for greatness. If we are the supreme species we really must be “supreme beings” and it has to be a higher purpose for us, we can not be like those dears in the forest, just a small part in the ecosystem and on the food chain.

I do incline to believe that the soul purpose for us is what we make it to be because we are rational , emotional and incurable dreamers. Very complex mixture that shouldn’t work together for when you are emotional and a dreamer, you often are not rational. If we find, as individuals, that thing that makes us feel truly happy and fulfilled , then we find that purpose. That higher meaning of life can only be individual. It really is what we make it to be.

As for the purpose of our species…I say “Heil Oil, Coal and LNG” for this three will probably still rule for a long time to come and , ironically , we will probably contribute to the chemical process used by the forces of nature to produce them for eternity.

If all I wrote makes sense…it is just my humble opinion, and if it doesn’t just take it as a crazy idea so you don’t feel offended by some of my insinuations.

Multiverse ( 2nd Part)

On a comment made by HeyesPhoto on my previous “Multivese” post he asked what kind of oil I used to get those patterns. I didn’t think a lot about that question then because I didn’t really thought that the actual oil used would make a difference . But then it made me curious…I kept thinking about it…Would a different oil give a different result…? If one has a higher density than the other will I be able to see the difference in the images? So I set on checking out their densities and found out that olive oil has a smaller density than the sunflower one (olive oil – aprox 800 kg/m3 and sunflower aprox 920 kg/m3). Finding these results made me give it one more try at this series of photos as I was now convinced that I might just get visibly different results.

After finishing the shoot and taking a long and inquisitive look and the resulting photographs…I am not that convinced anymore that the oil used visibly changed the photos. I used different colors this time and slightly higher shutter speed…also it is impossible to get the same pattern…but these are the only changes I see. Do you see any change in the images that can be attributed to the oil used ?

Fitzpatrick Scale?

Fitzpatrick Scale?.



I recently got a burst of curiosity and had a quick look into what scientists are calling Multiverse. It is a hypothetical set of multiple possible universes that together comprise everything that exists and can exists like space, time, matter and energy (that brief definition alone gave me a headache…but I still find this theory very interesting and I am forcing my brain to understand it) . This also implies the notion of parallel universes, a theory which has proven to not only be a very good subject for a countless number of books and movies that captured our imagination, but also a theoretical possibility.

After I took all these shots and had a proper look at them, the first few thoughts that popped in my mind were space-time, universe, parallel universes.

Dr. Michio Kaku explaining the Multiverse Theory



While still planning my next shoot for the small project I started trough my previous blog,”Nature’s Patterns”, I had to keep me busy, and decided to go back to some previous ideas I have played with. Further inspired by some documentary I had fallen asleep watching few nights back, I had to give me some good hours of photography to come up with something to be able to put this idea on images.

Being a big fan of evolution rather than creationism, trough the photos bellow I have tried to capture evolution in a simple, basic yet very expressive, colorful and more artistic way.


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